The Erasable Man – Episode 7 – A Helping Hand

Things are starting to get a little weird in Pocketville, and as they say, with enemies like these, who needs friends!   Here’s a little teaser I cooked up in my not so copious amounts of spare time:


It’s not the best, but I’m a writer not a graphic artist.  So, head on over to JukePop and get started on Episode 7!

UPDATE: I decided to sweeten the deal this month by running deals on both  A Thousand Cuts and That Which is Nameless. Starting April 15th, A Thousand Cuts is free for the rest of the week and starting April 16th, the ebook of  That Which is Nameless will be discounted to .99 cents in a count down deal!  If you don’t have a copy, go grab one!

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