Playing With Bookmarklets

Every so often I’ve found myself wanting to link to a specific comment over on LitReactor. Unfortunately, while they have in page anchors, there is no easy way to get at a link to them. Having fought with developer tools tracking down the right anchor element one too many times, I decided to throw this little toy together right quick:

javascript:(function () {
    var comment_container = $('#comments');
    var comments = $('div.comment', comment_container);
    var anchors = $('a[id~=comment]', comment_container);

    for (var i = 0; i < anchors.length; i++) {
        var anchor = $(anchors[i]);
        var comment = $(comments[i]);

        var href = window.location.href + '#' + anchor.attr('id');

        $('.comment-content .comment-meta a:first-child ', comment).before(
            '<a href="' + href + '"> # </a>'

And here it is as a link:

Keep in mind, this is just a toy! No warranties, use at your own risk etc!

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