Teleport Us – DONE!

Late Saturday the 30th, almost the 31st, I finally finished reading the last entry to Teleport Us on LitReactor.  Over the course of three months, I’ve read and commented on around 160 short stories.  I’m not sure of the exact number as some of the stories were pulled after and some before I could get around to reading them.

There is a sense of elation and accomplishment that comes with completing a run like that, and some withdrawal pangs as you realized it’s all over.  I can honestly say that this competition has devoured almost all of my free time since it was first announced back in January.  Now that it’s finished, I will have to get to work on some of my own writing again and back to my sorely neglected reading list.

If you didn’t get around to reading entries before the April 1st deadline, don’t worry. Scare Us from last year is still online with all the entries and comments that went with them, and I’m certain that Teleport Us will be left up indefinitely as well.  All you have to do is get an account on LitReactor to access all of those amazing and sometimes gruesome stories!

Here’s a short list of my favorites with quick links:

Yeah, way too long a list!  There’s also my own entry, Implant, but it seems disingenuous to include it in a list of my favorites.  Good luck to all those who entered!  As I’ve said before, there were some down right amazing gems  in this challenge!  I wonder if any of my picks will win?

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