Scare Us – Aftermath

After everything is said and done, all the bodies cleaned up, the blood and gore washed away, and the numbers tallied, it looks like I made a dent in the Scare Us event over on Litreactor. It would seem that they gave prizes to the reviewers and I got tagged as having spent a large amount of time reading/reviewing during the event. I have to say that it was a fun experience, kind of like the first time that I ran through NanoWrimo, which I’m planing on giving another shot this year, and I finished a rather neat little story too. Now the question is, what do I do with it?

An update on That Which is Nameless: I just finished a new read through and, once again, have another hundred edits or so to go through. If all goes well, that will take me a week or so to finish, maybe a little less. Once that is finished, I’m sending it back to the editor for one more read through. That may take a little time, so I’ll probably be getting back to work on The Empty. Maybe I can get the ball rolling again on that. I may rework what I’ve already written to get a better feel/flow to it. I have a feeling that the story is a touch disjointed and, in some of my other attempts at writing, a rewrite from the start sometimes help get things going again.

I also have a few idea’s floating around for some new, lighter weight projects which might keep the creative juices flowing a little more smoothly. The idea of an episodic piece or set of pieces is appealing. To pull it off, I’ll need to find a syndication channel and get a regular schedule of releases going. That means working out a process and putting together a “team” and buffer queue (A few pre-written episodes) of sorts. Having a lead of a few episodes would provide some safety if I can’t get one finished soon enough for a scheduled release. I’ll have to see how that goes . . .

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