SPAM! SPAM! SPAM! and more SPAM!

I had attempted to avoid using something like Akismet for a relatively long time. Unfortunately, the number of spam comments appearing in my list of comments to moderate has been steadily increasing over the last month or so. Someone has decided that this blog makes a decent a place to fake out Google. That is not kosher in any way shape or form.

To get around having four or five spam comments to nuke on a daily basis, I decided to give the Akismet plugin a shot. So far, it appears to be working quite well! No false positives, at least that I’ve seen, and no spam comments to moderate even though the stream of spam has not abated. Wow! The plugin also provides some stat’s to give you an idea of how it’s doing.

With that, I have one less maintenance task to deal with! Maybe I can get some actual writing done!

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