An Attempt at Scaring

A short while back I spotted a reference to the Scare Us event over at Lit Reactor. To tell you the truth, I hadn’t heard of Lit Reactor prior to then and I’m not entirely sure what to make of the site. Before I make a final call on them I’ll have to try taking advantage of some more of their resources. Either way, their event provided the perfect avenue for me to take a break from (read that as procrastinate on ) my current project and give something a less involved a shot. Hence, A Thousand Cuts was born. The story is right around 3200 words and seems to grow a little bit every time I run through and edit.

I decided to take a slightly different approach to the tools I’m using this time. Rather than use Sphinx I went with reStructuredText and DocUtils directly. As usual, everything is stuffed into a git repository to make tracking changes simpler. The advantage of doing things this way is the that I can use the front-end to produce a nice OpenOffice document. From that it is really easy to produce the .doc file expected in the competition. I’ll have to take a look at the rst2pdf at somepoint as well. It looks like it could save me a step or two in the final build process and maybe eliminate the need for OpenOffice to be involved at all.

I’ll be getting back to the The Empty soon though. I can’t very well let that story fall of the edge of the world. Also, That Which is Nameless is about shortly to be going through another round of editing. When that is finished up, I’m thinking about getting it into a print version. When the Scare Us event is over with, I’m thinking about doing something with A Thousand Cuts. I might turn it into a stand alone epub and push it to Amazon . . .

UPDATE: So much for thinking I had the final draft. There will always be something to fix or do better in a story, no matter how clean you think you have it!

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