More Progress on The Empty

I spent a few hours today writing on The Empty and I would have to say that there’s probably too much Lovecraft in my present reading diet. Hopefully Jack and the creature from Outside don’t turn out to be overly sadistic. On the other hand, how do you prevent the actions of a creature that has a hunger for life itself from looking like pure evil? Do I really want it to not look evil? Ah fun! In any event, the text just hit 13685 words and I’ve written the first actual death scene. This one was a ‘red shirt’ moment though, not a character that you would actually care about. I’m trying to decide who to kill off next . . .

Heck, I’m probably giving away too much information as it is! This is all still a rough draft. If I were to take King’s words in On Writing to heart, you wouldn’t hear anything about this little tale until much later in the game. I’m not sure that I can really write that way though. I just have to talk about what I’m writing. It helps me think through what happens next. Still, I can’t give away all the secrets or there wouldn’t be a story. Although, I might write up that ‘red shirt’ moment from the victim’s perspective, just to drum up a little interest. We’ll see . . . If anyone is interested, leave a comment . . . I might still write it up for the fun of it.

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