538 Brave Souls

The sale period is over now and a total of 538 of you have downloaded the book: 488 on the US site, 44 on the UK site, and 6 on the German site. Also, the book has a new review! YAY! Not all roses though. To tell you the truth, I’m glad to know at least someone out of the roughly 1000 total people who have downloaded the book is reading it and willing to say something about their experience.

Also, an update on The Empty. The text just passed the 7000 word mark last night! I’m finding that my attempts at outlining/planning where this story should be going in more than a cursory manner are bearing no resemblance to the actual flow of the story. That feels a little frustrating when I look back at what I was planning to write about and find that instead, I have three new characters to juggle and the potential for a new side plot that. Of course, that means I have three new characters to juggle and a new side plot to figure out. Such is life.

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