A New Cover!

With a new read through and some editing also comes a new cover!  The old cover was something I threw together in a very short time using the Gimp but don’t hold my bumbling against them. Let’s just say that my writing is much better than my skill with a graphics editing tool. Some of my friends, on the other hand, can do a dang good job with a mouse! This version still needs a little tweaking, at least that’s what I was told, so there may be some minor differences between what I’m posting and the final version. Still, this is definitely eye catching.

That Which is Nameless - Cover, Large

YEAH!  That works a good deal better than the orange monstrosity that I’ve had on the book until now.  As soon as I get the final version, I’ll be updating the book on Amazon.  This version will have a significantly cleaner read to go along with the slick new cover.

For anyone following with the next book.  It’s coming along, if slowly. I’ve been able to beef it up to about 4700 words now, which is just barely enough to introduce you to the story.  Life, as always, can be a bit of a pain.  I hope to find time and energy to get some real writing done soon.  I wrote the first one during a NanoWrimo so you would think I could pull the second one off in similar time.  HA!

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