New Blog

What can I say? It was time for a change… And it had been years since the last time I posted anything on this site. So, here it is! The new blog that doesn’t have a monstrous PHP application like Wordpress (Nothing against them, I just didn’t want to keep maintaining an install) under the hood. No, this site has delved deeper into the realms of modern ways of doing things and gone full on enterprisey application deployment processes. Really and truthfully, running a site the way I’m running this one is completely over kill and primarily for my own edification more than anything else.

I’ll have to do a write up on what I’m doing and how, and why you really shouldn’t do this for a simple static blog. That will probably show up on The Next Bug at some point. When I finally decide to put some content over there. For now though, I need to get back to pretty much anything that doesn’t have me starring at a computer for hours on end.

If all goes well more content will be appearing here and there over the next several weeks/months. If not, well I’ve updated the site and learned a good deal doing it.