I’m a bit of an eclectic person, though that probably isn’t all that obvious on face. My interests range from writing software and spending digging into the eldritch depths of complex modern build and deployment systems to manufacturing my own oil paint. It just depends on what particular day you catch me which of those is at the top of the list.

Some part of Texas has been my home for the majority of my life. Presently, that part of Texas is a little city to the North West of Austin known as Cedar Park. Close enough to Austin proper that you can comfortably visit and far enough out to avoid most of the problems of living in the city proper. I don’t see myself moving out of Texas anywhere in the near or even far future but, who knows, that may change if someone ever offers enough money. For anyone interested, enough probably starts in the range of seven figures and goes up the further away from Texas that you get. Then you’ll have to convince my wife that it’s worth it.

Chris S.