The Erasable Man – Episode 7 – A Helping Hand

Things are starting to get a little weird in Pocketville, and as they say, with enemies like these, who needs friends!   Here’s a little teaser I cooked up in my not so copious amounts of spare time:


It’s not the best, but I’m a writer not a graphic artist.  So, head on over to JukePop and get started on Episode 7!

UPDATE: I decided to sweeten the deal this month by running deals on both  A Thousand Cuts and That Which is Nameless. Starting April 15th, A Thousand Cuts is free for the rest of the week and starting April 16th, the ebook of  That Which is Nameless will be discounted to .99 cents in a count down deal!  If you don’t have a copy, go grab one!

The Erasable Man – Episode 6 – Old Wounds

And there you have it folks, the most recent episode of The Erasable Man – Old Wounds is live on JukePop!  My editor thought this chapter was the most fun yet, let me know what you think.

Episode 6 of The Erasable Man – Just a Teaser

I finally had a chance to sit down and go work through the feedback from my editor and work in a few other things I noticed here and there.  (Incidentally, you also might want to checkout What Happened On My Space Vacation it’s targeted at a more young adult audience but is well worth the read.)  Without further ado, here’s that teaser promised in the title:

The temperature in the room started rising as their tempers flared hotter. It wouldn’t be long before I had to take drastic measures.

“Ladies …”

“Why would you give them to an asshole like him?”

“Aden! He’s not an asshole. He’s … he’s none of your business!”

“Ladies …” A bead of sweat dripped down the side of my face as more and more heat rolled off the pair. Papers at the edge of my desk were starting to smoke. If they kept this up, I’d need a new desk, not to mention a new chair, and a new office. The least of my troubles would be another visit with Sheridan. I grabbed a fire extinguisher from the kitchen.

“Who is this asshole? You never tell me anything any…”

“Why should I tell you? It’s not like you care about…”

If all goes well, I’ll have the full episode posted within the next couple of days and the Episode 7 off to the editor shortly there after.  Now, if only I could find a few moments to rebuild that buffer of episodes again!

My New Hat!

I picked this up at the Austin PHP meetup:

Me in a Mail Chimp Hat!

My New Hat!

Episode 5 of the Erasable Man is Out and a Free eBook!

And there you have it, episode 5 of The Erasable Man is live over at Juke Pop!   Unfortunately for me, that means I’ve burned through my cushion again and really, really need to get back to actually doing some writing.  Also, for those of you out there who don’t have it yet, That Which is Namless will be free starting on the 12th and running through the 14th.

As always, keep reading!

Back in the Saddle – The Erasable Man

That’s right! You can now read Chapter 3 of the Erasable Man over at JukePop Serials (Which I’ve helpfully linked right there!).  Things slowed down for a bit with the move earlier in the year.  But, thankfully, daily life is starting to return to some degree of normalcy, and the new apartment has a stable internet connection!  Let me know what you think! I’m always interested in feed back; there isn’t any other way to get better to tell the truth.

Home Made Kaiser Rolls!

They didn’t quite brown as well as I would have liked and the seeds keep coming off.  The browning issue is probably from using too much water to steam the oven, I’ll have to try a little less next time to see if that helps.


Home Made Kaiser Rolls

If you’re interested in giving the recipe a try, take a look at Sourdough Home.  I’ve been doing a bit of reading from their site and have my own starter bubbling away (you can see it in the upper left corner there).

Just Finished Reading – How to Live Safely in a Science Fictional Universe

How to Live Safely in a Science Fictional UniverseHow to Live Safely in a Science Fictional Universe by Charles Yu

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

I originally started reading this book several months back and had to set it aside due entirely to external factors. At the time, it looked like the text was off to a good start. So, when I picked it up this time, I had high hopes only to see it come crashing down under the weight of gratuitous prose. The story centers around a character, named suspiciously the same as the author, who repairs time machines and hopes to one day locate his lost father, an uncredited co-discoverer of the theory behind time machines. Unfortunately, that’s the entire plot right then and there. More than half the book is exposition about the narrator’s past and just how bad that past was, or rather, mediocre it was.

On top of the near complete lack of story, the prose drove me nuts. Yu likes big words and uses them throughout the text without caring if there is anything to warrant their usage. It seems his overall goal is to add academic weight by the sheer mass of verbiage he uses.

There are numerous points where ideas are drawn out so far past the point of interest that I found it difficult to not skim over them to find the next interesting bit. It’s almost as if the entire point of 75% of the text is for the main character to whine about wallowing in self pity.

Overall, Yu attempts to invoke the whimsical nature of Douglas Adams with a dash of Pratchett on the side and fails miserably. If I could make one suggestion to the author, cut out about 20~30 percent of what’s there in the next draft!

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Live on Juke Pop: The Erasable Man

About a month ago, I decided to take a shot at serialized fiction with The Erasable Man and submitted it to JukePop Serials. Yesterday, I received a little note from them saying they really liked the story, but it needed a little editing and to resubmit. So, freshly printed copy of the chapter in hand, I took my pen and poured over it one more time, fixing everything I could find!

Here’s the last commit message:

commit a6cffe46e8890697b30de714b901b6d8ee83c5aa
Author: arlaneenalra <>
Date:   Mon Jun 24 23:43:55 2013 -0500

    Remove spaces from T.E.M.

Yup, that’s just over sixteen minutes to midnight, and yes, I do like palindromes. About 5:04pm this afternoon, this little gem popped up in my inbox:

Dear Chris Salch,

Congratulations, your serial start, The Erasable Man, has been selected for publication on JukePop Serials!

To officially publish your serial to our website, we ask that you log into your JukePop account and go to MY SUBMISSIONS tab under MY ACCOUNT and look for The Erasable Man. Click on the CLICK TO PUBLISH button under your serial, review the JukePop Serials TERMS AND AGREEMENT, and click the AGREE button to publish your serial to the website. You should see your serial published on our website within an hour.

And here’s where I say:


Without further Adieu:

Now, I really do need to get a cover for this story!

Playing With Bookmarklets

Every so often I’ve found myself wanting to link to a specific comment over on LitReactor. Unfortunately, while they have in page anchors, there is no easy way to get at a link to them. Having fought with developer tools tracking down the right anchor element one too many times, I decided to throw this little toy together right quick:

javascript:(function () {
    var comment_container = $('#comments');
    var comments = $('div.comment', comment_container);
    var anchors = $('a[id~=comment]', comment_container);

    for (var i = 0; i < anchors.length; i++) {
        var anchor = $(anchors[i]);
        var comment = $(comments[i]);

        var href = window.location.href + '#' + anchor.attr('id');

        $('.comment-content .comment-meta a:first-child ', comment).before(
            '<a href="' + href + '"> # </a>'

And here it is as a link:

Keep in mind, this is just a toy! No warranties, use at your own risk etc!