Live on Juke Pop: The Erasable Man

About a month ago, I decided to take a shot at serialized fiction with The Erasable Man and submitted it to JukePop Serials. Yesterday, I received a little note from them saying they really liked the story, but it needed a little editing and to resubmit. So, freshly printed copy of the chapter in hand, I took my pen and poured over it one more time, fixing everything I could find!

Here’s the last commit message:

commit a6cffe46e8890697b30de714b901b6d8ee83c5aa
Author: arlaneenalra <>
Date:   Mon Jun 24 23:43:55 2013 -0500

    Remove spaces from T.E.M.

Yup, that’s just over sixteen minutes to midnight, and yes, I do like palindromes. About 5:04pm this afternoon, this little gem popped up in my inbox:

Dear Chris Salch,

Congratulations, your serial start, The Erasable Man, has been selected for publication on JukePop Serials!

To officially publish your serial to our website, we ask that you log into your JukePop account and go to MY SUBMISSIONS tab under MY ACCOUNT and look for The Erasable Man. Click on the CLICK TO PUBLISH button under your serial, review the JukePop Serials TERMS AND AGREEMENT, and click the AGREE button to publish your serial to the website. You should see your serial published on our website within an hour.

And here’s where I say:


Without further Adieu:

Now, I really do need to get a cover for this story!

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