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Finally!  I’ve made my way back through the first ten thousand words of The Erasable Man and have finally caught up with where I was when Teleport-Us derailed me.  Now, how to get Zachary Artemas out of his little predicament … but you don’t know about that do you.  Here’s a little snippet:

“Don’t worry your little head none about that. I’m not supposed to kill you unless you’re difficult,” said the little man. “He gave me a note to read to you. It says: Next time it will be you. What’s that supposed to mean? Next time it will …”

Something gurgled and collapsed with a heavy thud. I looked over my shoulder and saw my assailant on the ground, surrounded by dried blood. A zip-tie, pulled tight enough to have embedded itself into the man’s wrist, bound his hands in the small of his back. Next to the body was a pile of neatly folded skin and two skewered eyeballs sitting on a small ceramic dish pointed directly at me. The eyes had been placed so that they appeared to be looking into my own.

There was no need to check his pulse; the man had been dead for a long time, several hours if the Sun’s elevation could be trusted. The massive gap in my memory ached like a missing limb. How do you deal with someone who can immobilize you without warning, I thought to myself.

The plan is still to release this in an episodic form, with periodic role ups of several episodes.  The main reason I haven’t pushed out some of the earlier episodes (read that as 2) is that I’m having trouble finishing them up in a timely manner.  Once I can nail that down, and build up enough of a release backlog to have a spare episode or two waiting in the wings, The Erasable Man will hit the figurative presses.

Anyone have suggestions on a viable platform to publish episodic fiction?

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