The Joy’s of NaNoWrimo

As I’m writing this my National Novel Writing project is about seven thousand words behind where it should be.  That will turn into eight thousand if I don’t catch up to my quota for today before midnight.  Ah the torturous death march to completion that is NaNo!

My project this year is a actually taking place in the same universe as the The Erasable Man and will probably turn into a sort of origin story for Zachary Artemas. That is assuming that I can get the characters to agree to play along. I am discovering that the more I write, the less my characters like to do what I want them to. It can get really annoying at times to say the least. Still, you have to be true to who the character is or the story is going to go badly very quickly.

As a side note, I’m going to start some of the character and world notes that go along with The Erasable Man. Early next year I expect to have at least part of The Erasable Man ready for beta reading, if you’re interested, drop me a line here and I’ll get back with you.

Back to the day job and NaNo!

UPDATE: I’m right at six thousand behind right now, but that will probably disappear tomorrow over game night.

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