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The Dangerous Husband: A NovelThe Dangerous Husband: A Novel by Jane Shapiro
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I am ashamed to say that I didn’t finish this book and will very likely never finis this book. It is definitely not up my alley. If you like gratuitous over use of excessively pretentious language, then you might find this intriguing. It’s not a matter of vocabulary so much as it is a question of deliberately applying the most round about way of stating the simplest things. That and the 200 word sentences. The author is exceptionally found of paragraph length structures with nary a period among a sea of commas.

I will say that I made it to page 39 before I set the thing aside while the front cover claims that something worth “bursting out laughing” over could be found on page 54. The few parts of what I read that weren’t so clouded as to be opaque carried an intense sexual undertone to the. Some degree of the husbands — not personality, say character — was beginning to filter through the narrator’s about the time I closed the book. It was starting to feel more concrete by that point but the clouded daze that went before was too much for me to wade through.

This is the kind of thing that I would expect to see an English professor delightfully inflicting upon their students. I can read Lovecraft’s stuff. I can read Tolkien. This stuff burned me out in 39 pages.

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