Obsession and Paranoia

Over the course of the last few weeks That Which is Nameless has been downloaded by quite a few people. The last time I checked, 542 in the US, 67 in the UK, and one person in Germany had downloaded the book. That would mean that 610 people have something I wrote sitting on their devices in the process of being read or waiting for them to get around to it. From my own personal experience with a kindle, I know that it sometimes takes quite a while to get around to reading something that caught your eye. Heck, I still have quite a few books around the house that were purchased because they looked interesting but haven’t been read yet.

Someday, I’ll get around to reading them and, if all goes well, I’ll actually find them as interesting as they looked. Of course, once I’ve read those books that’s it. There is no means for me to provide feed back to the author about what I liked and what I didn’t. I could always write a blog entry about them or tweet some about them. Truthfully, though, what are the chances that any given author is actually going to notice my comments?

That is one of the things I think I’m going to like about publishing on the kindle. I say think because, so far, there is only one review of That Which is Nameless. So here I find myself obsessively checking the KDP reports page and the books page looking for any updates with nothing happening. Which, is expected I guess.

As an author, I’m effectively a no name. I’ll accept that my book is probably nowhere near the top of anyone’s reading list either. Still, can I get a review or comment?

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