UPDATE – A Foray Into Self Publishing

A couple about a week ago now, I took advantage of the the promotion days available through Amazon’s KDP Select program.  I would have to say that their promotion options have made an impact in the number of readers if nothing else.  Over the course of the five days promotion days that that KDP select program allows, where your book is free of charge, That Which is Nameless was downloaded 531 times.  Considering that there were no more than 4 or 5 downloads total in the previous 5 months or so, that’s something  Of course, those were free downloads so I’m not going to get royalties from those 500 readers.  The best I can hope for there is a few good reviews or some feedback on things I could do better.

Since the free period ended I’ve seen 3 more downloads.  If nothing else, this means that there are people out there who might actually be interested in reading what I’m writing.  Now, if only I could find a decent editor!

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